Our New Jersey Team.

Our team in New Jersey has 100+ combined years of preforming arts experience. We have teachers here who’ve preformed on many professional levels including The Rockettes, Hardcore Detroit Dance Crew, and the St. Petersburg Opera to name a few.

9 Teachers

in our New Jersey location

46 Classes

choose your favorite dance style

We aim to provide a positive learning environment for all ages wether you’re signing your kids up for their first class, or maybe you’re dusting off your old dance shoes.

Don’t be shy we have a friendly staff who is knowledgeable and well equipped with the proper know how and tools to give you the confidence you want for the preforming arts

Our instructors will introduce knowledge of technical, musical, creative, and performance skills, and will develop these skills for all levels. Our developmental programs builds confidence, self-esteem and coordination to create a well-rounded whole artist.